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We sell all cruises by MSC and COSTA. We cooperate with leading tourist agencies and shipping companies and in our offices you can book various excursions, such as the ones listed below. More detailed information about the trips, cruises and special offers can be provided in our offices. We will be happy to serve you.

    Visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was built on 118 islands; there are 150 canals connected by over 400 bridges. The whole town is a huge work of art thanks to, among others, great artists like Tintoretto, Veronese or Tiziano. Relax during a pleasant two-hour ride along its canals and enjoy the unique atmosphere of St Mark’s Square. Ships taking tourists to Venice: San Pawl, San Gwan, Prince of Venice, Adriatic Jet, Dora.


    Visit a unique oasis of natural beauties.This lake district is one of Europe’s most beautiful national parks, enlisted by the UNESCO on their list of world natural heritage, due to the area’s unique looks.There are sixteen lakes, some rather big and some really tiny, connected by a  number of waterfalls. A stroll in the park will enable you to enjoy the deep blue colour of the lakes, the sound of waterfalls, diversity of the flora and clean air. For more information about the park visit:


    For adventure lovers this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy rafting on the Kupa river and the unspoilt nature of Gorski kotar.


    A pleasant bus ride through Slovenia will take you to a small town of Postojna, which is home to one of the most attractive and famous caves in Europe.
    It is 22 km long, and most of the length is covered by a tourist cave train, but the most beautiful two kilometres have to be walked.
    The visit to Postojna is followed by a visit to Lipica, where famous Lipizzaner horses have been bred for centuries.
    Sports clothes recommended.
    For more information: www.postojnska-jama.eu and www.lipica.org


    An archipelago and a national park in the Adriatic Sea, only a few miles off the western coast of Istria. It consists of 14 islands of different size. You will visit the island of Veli Brijun, where there are some archaeological sites.
    You will enjoy the crystal clear waters, unspoilt nature, woods and green lawns occupied by numerous free animals.
    Additionally, on the island there are also a few museums, restaurants and other facilities.
    More information about the park www.brijuni.hr


    Pay a visit to one of the most beautiful natural phenomena of the Istrian karst. Climb down to the underground world of stalactites, stalagmites and other forms in the cave.


    Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, which will attract you not only with its coast but also with its beautiful and varied interior. The whole peninsula abounds in historical and cultural sights. Medieval towns, strengthened by fortresses and built on hilltops provide breathtaking views of the surroundings.
    The trip also includes a visit to Pula and a tour of its amphitheatre.
    One should not forget to mention wine and other drinks tasting, or food (such as truffles) tasting etc.
    This trip has several varieties.


    This trip takes you to Rovinj and Vrsar and into the Lim fjord, famous for its fish and shell farms. Enjoy the fish or meat meal on the boat and relax in the sun, on the sea and entertainment on the boat.

  • BLED

    Get to know Bled, one of the finest Alpine summer resorts in neighbouring Slovenia. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the freshness of the Alpine air. With professional guidance.