Exams for boat license

Boat licence exams FOR categories  A , Band TELECOMUNICATIONS on 4 languages
practical skipper training (optional )

We officially organize exams to obtain the croatian boat driving license, in cooperation with the Harbour Master’s Office in Pula – Branch Office in Poreč. We’ve been doing this since 1992 and have already made generations of captains.
Exams can be taken for boat commanders categories A and B, radiotelephony B and C categories and
separate radiotelephony certificate.
We also deal with the renewal of  boat driving licenses , with those that are damaged or lost.
All necessary information is provided in our offices in Poreč. One of them is located on the Poreč waterfront and within the building that also houses the Harbour Master’s Office. The information is also available by telephone or email. We are also able to send you, free of charge, the study materials for the exam.
The exams are held on Saturdays on the premises of the Harbour Master’s Office. On Fridays befor the exams we organize three-hour courses in four languages (Croatian, German, English and Italian) run by expert teachers.

With us you are not bound by any contracts and there are no payments well in advance.

We are also able to organize practical classes on the sea (which are optional and you do not have to do it order to pass the exam), but provide you with invaluable experience of navigating a boat if you are lacking it. It is also very useful for all those who want to refresh their knowledge and contributes to the safety of people and craft.

All applicants must produce all the necessary personal details and make the required payment by the last Friday morning 11,00am before the Saturday you have chosen for your exam. 

Apply for the exams on the web page: EXAM APPLICATION or contact our offices:  CONTACT


CATEGORY A – prices upon request

7 meters in length and 15kW/20HP in engine power

for personal needs:
up to 6 nm off the coast

CATEGORY B  – prices upon request

30BT , no limit on engine power
radiotelephony includedy
for motor boats and sailng boats

for personal needs:
up to 12 nm off the coast

for passenger transport:
up to 3 nm off the coast (for business purposes)


RTF  – prices upon request

RTF radiotelephony for boat commanders  C category
RTF  (supplementary) – certificate radiotelephony




    Fields marked with * are required.

    If possible, fill in all the fields because you will have to deliver all the information before you attend the exam.

    In case of loss or damage to the permit, one needs:

    • personal identification document
      (identity card / passport)
    • Two photos (2.5 x 3 cm)
    • 200,00 HRK


    Methods of payment:

    cash – in our offices

    to the account


    Upon arrival to class on friday one should have:

    • personal identification document (passport or identity card)
    • two photos – 2,5 x 3 cm